Not so long ago, this site was devoted to an imaginary conversation between myself and the family cat. More recently, I decided I would give more serious attention to the site, try out a few things, and present a few others.

Editorially, the conversation with my cat had to go. I need to be a bit more non-fiction, a bit more commentary. A bit more real.

Those of you who showed up expecting “Conversations With My Cat,” I’m sorry to disappoint you, but in consolation, I am keeping the bulk of the old posts. I’m just not going to write any new ones. Please forgive me.

On this site, I will share some of my thoughts about my surroundings, at home, across the United States, and around the world, as seen through the sunglasses of a Florida resident. Where I can, I will protect the identities of those involved, however, where those identities have been already published by the media, I can’t promise my editorials won’t drop some names.

Unless stated otherwise, all opinions are my own, and materials related as fact are only as factual as my sources relate (please check facts, and form your own opinions).

– Alan Frayer

The following is what was given as the introduction to “Conversations With My Cat” and is being reproduced so readers might have a little continuity:


“Sure, there are some pretty smart cats out there, but how many of them can hold a meaningful conversation with their human companion?

“Yeah, that’s what I thought, too (assuming your answer was a number closer to zero than any other number). But one day I told Indy what was on my mind and he did the same…”