Let It Go – Really!

Let’s see your hands! Parents, how many of you are tired of Disney’s “Frozen,” and in particular that Oscar-winning song, “Let It Go?”

Uh-huh. Now, let’s usher the kids out of the room. I’ll wait.


Okay, now let’s try that question again.

That’s what I thought. Most of you. Can’t admit it in front of the little tykes, who still demand to watch that video at least once a day for, what, at least a year now?

And as if that isn’t enough, we see things like this pop up all too frequently in the media:

Yes, it’s cute, but repeated hundreds of times a day, it’s annoying. I even debated writing this blog, knowing how irritating it could become. But like the media, I’m shamelessly interested in drawing traffic to this site, so…

Still, when I get in a discussion with my wife about previously discussed subjects (we call it other things, right men folk?) and I tell her to “let it go,” I’d rather my wife didn’t break out in song, and in particular this song! The producers of the movie have done a great disservice to the Western World (and you Easterners, your turn will come). We deserve compensation!

Is there a lawyer who will step up and bring a class-action suit against Disney Studios, seeking damages for pain and suffering caused against the public, which is forced to hear that song over and over again? No? I’d think the case would be a shoo-in, if we don’t have the judge and defense attorneys recuse themselves for being parts of the class. If you don’t work for Disney or hold stock in them, you probably feel the same way as I.

So I’ll say the same thing as everyone else. Let It Go Already, but only after you’ve read and commented on this blog.


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