Indy thinks he can tell jokes

Indy heard this one from my brother-in-law. Indy, a grey tiger catNot that my brother-in-law tends to tell Indy jokes, but if my brother-in-law tells a joke within ear-shot of Indy, then Indy is going to share that joke. Even if he heard it on a speakerphone. And even if the person to which Indy is sharing the joke was on the same call. Indy just can’t help himself.

“This man finishes law school, takes the bar exam, and passes. After years of schooling, he’s finally an attorney.

“So, as most beginning attorney’s do, he starts applying to various law firms for a job, confident he’ll find one soon. And so, in due course, a firm decides to interview the young attorney and he appears before the senior partner, who asks him what he’s looking for.

“The young man says, ‘Well, I think I would like $100,000 to start…’

“The senior partner holds up his hand, to interrupt him, ‘How about we give you $200,000 a year, two months paid vacation, a 401K matching up to $200,000…’

“The young attorney is taken aback. ‘You’re kidding!’ he exclaims.

” ‘Well, you started it.’ ”

Indy looked at me, expectantly. I shook my head. I’m quite certain Indy didn’t get the joke when he heard it. It didn’t get any better in the retelling. I’m not worried about Indy running off to become a stand-up comic.

I am thinking, however, of not putting my brother-in-law on the speakerphone next time he calls.


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