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I haven’t been limiting myself to WordPress. The same company I’ve been slowly building out a WordPress site for is also slowly building a Magento site

So why so slow? Well, they have me doing a lot of non-computer things for them as well, so I really have to sneak in some web work from time to time. You could do me a big favor by linking to those sites, if you want.


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One thought on “Shop for Alarm Systems Online”

  1. You may have tried the link in the above blog or its predecessor and found the site missing.

    Me, too.

    Apparently, after I chose to part company with them, they chose to take the sites down, rather than maintain the sites themselves or hire someone else to keep them up. It’s sad, but I can’t control what they do with their sites once I’m not in their employ.

    I’m on to other projects.

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